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Mekki Karrakchu

By visiting this restaurant, you are entering the life of the young Moroccan Mekki Karrakchou, restaurateur and philanthropist, who’s mother fed the family with the exact same all-natural organic, halal menu in this restaurant. Between the decor, the menu and even the plates used to serve every dish, Mekki modern Moroccan cuisine brings the culture and countryside of Morocco to the new, beautiful southeastern part of Washington D.C.

It's always been my dream to bring my Mom's cooking I grew up with to the best city in the world, Washington D.C.!

Taste the warm, soothing and extremely friendly culture of Morocco with a modern fine dining flare, and you would feel like you traveled to the wonderful kingdom of Morocco in North Africa.

Formerly located in New york city, this restaurant moved to the capital to join the surging diversified population of residents from all over the world seeking global experiences.

Visit Mekki DC for happy hour cocktails and Moroccan wines after work, have lunch with colleagues, dinner dates or request from our homely catering menu for larger groups for your family or offices. It’ll be similar to taking a short trip to Morocco for a few hours.